Truly Bizarre Taxes: The Tax On Illegal Drugs

One can never underestimate the enthusiasm that politicians have for trying to hunt up tax revenues. The creativity of some politicians can lead to bizarre taxes and unfortunate results.

Taxes on Illegal Drugs

One argument for the legalization of various narcotics is that massive tax revenues would be created. Interestingly, a few states already are trying to collect such taxes!

More than 10 states have tried to tax people that possess illegal drugs. For example, Kansas levies a drug tax on dealers as soon as they take possession of the substance. To avoid prosecution for failure to pay the drug tax, individuals possessing the drugs are supposed to purchase “drug tax stamps” and attach the stamps to the drugs in question. The stamps are valid for 3 months.

In an apparent attempt to promote compliance, the Kansas Department of Revenue promises:

“A dealer is not required to give his/her name or address when purchasing stamps and the Department is prohibited from sharing any information relating to the purchase of drug tax stamps with law enforcement or anyone else.”

The tax is levied on cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines and other hard drugs. Interestingly, the state collected over $300,000 in such taxes by going after individuals that were charged with criminal activity. This is better known as the “Al Capone Theory”, which is derived from the fact that authorities were able to put away the famous mobster on tax evasion charges. Alas, criminal prosecutors have not always welcomed the illegal drug tax.

Drug Tax Foils Prosecution of Drug Dealers in Texas

The 5th Amendment of the Constitution protects Americans from being punished twice for the same crime. This concept, known as “double jeopardy”, caused prosecutors in 1989 to literally beg the state comptroller’s office to stop accepting tax payments by drug dealers. The reason? A Texas Criminal Court of Appeal ruled that the state law assessing taxes on illegal drugs constituted a “punishment”. As a result, requiring the payment of the tax constituted double jeopardy if the taxpayer had already been charged criminally.

In an attempt to get their clients off on drug charges, criminal attorneys began advising them to rush to pay their drug–related taxes. The theory was that once the taxes were paid, the drug dealer could not be prosecuted because doing so would constitute a second punishment! The appellate court agreed with the theory and the state comptroller immediately stopped collecting the Texas drug tax.

Kansas Free Land – For Homesteaders, For America

The DOA indicates that there are 386 counties within the U.S. where lower income runs rampant. Of those, 340 are of the outlying variety. Out of necessity, many of these economically deprived counties have developed free land programs to stimulate growth. Web websites like Kansas Free Land are a not-so-subtle call for the homestead-curious to take the dive by claiming free building lots. Then their tax dollars and development may bring profit to the suffering communities. Post resource – Kansas Free Land – Get a piece of the Heartland by Money Blog Newz.
Kansas Free Land to help rural U.S. out
Aside from being suitable for agriculture, ranching and other endeavors, Kansas Free Land gives potential homesteaders the opportunity for a fresh start, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. In Kansas, from Osborne and Plainville to Chetopa, Free Kansas Land plots are being given away. Many of them are within range of interstate highways as well. is where you can go to determine individual real estate business websites. Residential plots are being given away. Commercial plots are too.
Anyone considering Kansas Free Land should, as outlined by eHow:

Decide how much to spend on a house before you move
After you’re sure, get pre-qualified for a mortgage
Make sure you are ready for a credit check. You’ll get a lot of paperwork too

How to get your Kansas Free Land
Researching the communities where Kansas Free Land is accessible is what eHow suggests people severe about the opportunity should do. Discover out about law enforcement and safety while talking to locals. Each small town has unique local color and history, so research and interviews can prove useful in sorting things out. Wilson, for instance, is known as the Czech Capital of Kansas, while Marquette is only a few minutes away from Lindsborg, aka Little Sweden. It would also be good to know a little bit about Ellsworth, Kansas. It was known through the 19th century as a wild cow town.
Other Kansas Free Land benefits
Some of the places have other bonuses associated. This is with the Kansas Free Land of course. Tax abatements, down payment assistance, loan fees on homes waived and even modular homes being put on your Kansas Free Land are all examples.

Taxis Are The Smart Way To Get Around

You might normally think of taxis as your last option when you are trying to get around. Most people prefer to move around in their cars. They think that it is more convenient and cost effective than hiring a taxi, but this isn’t always the case. Whether they are just visiting or whether it’s a city in which they actually live, they often think that a cab will be more expensive than buying, leasing, or renting a car. This may be true for some people, but for most it is not. Let’s take a closer look at why a taxi cab service is actually cheaper and more convenient than traveling in a personal vehicle.

When most people are thinking about the cost of traveling from one place to another, they often only think about the gasoline that they use. Sometimes they don’t even go that far. They think that driving in their car is free, and filling up the tank every now and then is just another one of the bills they have to pay to keep living and enjoying a carefree lifestyle.

However, there are many more costs associated with driving besides the gasoline involved. You can easily Hire cab in Palo Alto .Let’s say that a person must pay $5 per day in gasoline costs to drive around the city. This doesn’t seem that bad compared to a taxi, but what about the other costs? Insurance probably costs at least $100 per month, which is another three or four dollars per day. So now it costs about $9 to $10 per day to drive your car.

However, those are just the ongoing daily costs. If you factor in the amount you had to pay for the car in the first place, the picture changes dramatically. Let’s say that you spend $20,000 on a vehicle, and you expect it to last for three years. This works out to more than $18 per day. With gas and insurance, you are up to $28 per day. Then you must take repairs and maintenance into account.

Let’s assume that nothing major goes wrong with your car, and you only pay $1000 per year on maintenance. This is another $3 per day, so now you are up to $31 per day. If something does go wrong with your vehicle, then you can expect to pay significantly more. So the total amount to drive your car can work out to at least $28 per day. You can get any time cab in Palo Alto. This doesn’t even include the tags, registration, speeding tickets, parking tickets, and other hassles.

In all likelihood, an cab will be able to get you where you need to go for less than that. You don’t have to worry about figuring out directions or getting speeding tickets from law enforcement officers. You can just relax, knowing that when you need to get somewhere all you need to do is call for a cab.